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Eyes of Summer Blue by Lyrak Eyes of Summer Blue :iconlyrak:Lyrak 2 2
I cannot go back to Elsweyr
I cannot go back to Elsweyr
For my home now it is not.
Like the shifting sands where I was born,
The memories run hot.
I cannot go back to Elsweyr
Even though it once was home,
For if I go to Elsweyr
I will only be alone.
There is emptiness in Elsweyr
Where there once were loving hands.
Mother, Father, if you hear me now...
I hope you found warm sands.
:iconlyrak:Lyrak 0 0
I am taking deep breaths
I am taking deep breaths.
I drink a cup of coffee in the afternoon
because my grandmother did, and sometimes it helps.
I am taking deep breaths,
and trying to move forward
one step at a time
to carve a niche for myself
though it seems like possibly the worst time to try.
I am taking deep breaths,
and trying to hold my heart in one piece
because the world has become a scary place
and holding back will not make it less so.
I am taking deep breaths.
One foot in front of the other.
I do not know the future.
I only know the next step.
:iconlyrak:Lyrak 1 1
Everything You Are
Halvden shifted restlessly in the den, anger seeping into his dreams of late. The Widow Queen had wasted no time in taking her islands back, and though he had sworn to bow to Thyra, he seethed at the thought that she went along with the Vanir queen's wishes so easily. To add insult to injury, though Kenna had taken him back, had permitted him in their shared den, she had forbidden him from sleeping in the same nest, instead forcing him to the far corner.
Kenna's anger baffled and unsettled him. His actions had been a means to an end. Could she not see that? Glory, honor, and power for him meant that it would pass to their kit as well.
But all that was shattered now, and in his dreams shrieking, witless things clawed at him while voices in the dark echoed accusations that it was all his doing. The mocked him, infuriated him. So it had gone since he'd returned to answer for his crimes. The dream-beasts closed in and, as always, he expected the dream to end with Caj defeating him, shaming
:iconlyrak:Lyrak 3 6
Cold Morning by Lyrak Cold Morning :iconlyrak:Lyrak 3 0 River Run by Lyrak River Run :iconlyrak:Lyrak 3 2 Only Way Out by Lyrak Only Way Out :iconlyrak:Lyrak 1 0 Two Foods by Lyrak Two Foods :iconlyrak:Lyrak 0 1
Tonight a darkness fell on our land.
Bring every paw
and every hand.
Ayoah! Ayoah!
The People are free.
Ayoah! Ayoah!
The People bring light.
In the night we sing.
In the night we bite.
Tonight, tonight
is a good day to fight!
The moon's shadowed over, they've come to the wall.
We may fight, we may die,
but we never shall fall.
Ayoah! Ayoah!
The People are free.
Ayoah! Ayoah!
The People bleed bright.
In the night we sing,
In the night we cry:
"Tonight, tonight
is a good day to die."
:iconlyrak:Lyrak 5 0
8 months by Lyrak 8 months :iconlyrak:Lyrak 3 0 Inktober - Can't Drink Oil by Lyrak Inktober - Can't Drink Oil :iconlyrak:Lyrak 0 0 Inktober Gryphon by Lyrak Inktober Gryphon :iconlyrak:Lyrak 3 0 Inktober - Tea Gryphon by Lyrak Inktober - Tea Gryphon :iconlyrak:Lyrak 3 7 Inktober 30-31 by Lyrak Inktober 30-31 :iconlyrak:Lyrak 0 0 Inktober 25-29 by Lyrak Inktober 25-29 :iconlyrak:Lyrak 0 0 Inktober 21-24 by Lyrak Inktober 21-24 :iconlyrak:Lyrak 0 0

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I have like 4 SLR batteries I got not realizing they weren't quite the right size for my camera. As I got them as a freebie thanks to coupon codes, they are free to a good home, provided you pay the shipping (which probably won't be much if you're in the US). So if your camera takes these and you want them, please let me know:

Wp 20170319 001 by Lyrak


Bust/headshot sketches
Rough pencil sketch, no inks. Example shows end result style, but commission is for a single image only.

Standard commission TOS apply:…
Un-colored bust (inked lineart)
Simple headshot/bust lineart only.

Standard commission TOS apply:…
Simple badge/bust commissions
Basic colored pencil, no blending, minimal shading.

The offering via the commissions widget does NOT include having the badge laminated, punched, and sent to you. If you want this you MUST handle the transaction via Paypal instead.

Standard terms of service for my commissions apply:…


Knee update: Muscles are back but now the tendon is messed up and I get to wait for THAT to heal. Also I seem to be forgetting what a normal night's sleep is because without being able to get out and walk I'm not burning nearly enough energy and my brain is punishing me for it.

In the meantime my SO has ordered some more shelf-ish things for organizing so hopefully we can clear up some of the stuff surrounding my scanning station so I can actually use it again (the kitchen is slowly taking over the house). Mostly I need my chair back so I can sit while I scan because knee. And there is kitchen stuff in my chair. There is kitchen stuff everywhere. This is what happens when you live with someone who actually COOKS but you have no cabinet space.
So in addition to getting my muscles back I now get to change up my workspace. Been working at the coffee table for years now due to limited space. Hunting down a foldable/rolling table because apparently all that kneeling has caused me to develop what is called either "housemaid's knee" or "clergyman's knee" depending on which part of the knee has been irritated to the point of inflammation. In the meantime it is REALLY HARD to remember not to kneel on the floor like I have been all this time...
Update on my knee: I am going to need PT for... a while. Apparently the muscles that keep my patella from wandering off are basically just... useless right now. O.o Most likely scenario seems to be that I have been favoring that leg for quite a while, possibly even since my one hip injury over 10 years ago which means it's a miracle I haven't had problems before now. You know it's good when the therapist actually CRINGES while doing your assessment because it's that much worse than anyone thought it was going to be.
To everyone who recommended the Pentel pocket brush pen to me: OH MY GOD THIS IS THE BEST PEN I CAN'T STOPPPPPP
I have parted ways with my day job, so should have more time for art. Some plans to try and put into motion after my knee heals from whatever the heck I did to it. Currently in limbo waiting for PT to be scheduled, then hopefully after I've got that dealt with I can get on track.


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Photographer, artist, musician, writer, animal behavior and human psychology nut, nature lover, and kitty waitstaff.

If you want to make me happy, give me honest praise, chocolate, money, expensive cars, a million dollars... =P OK I doubt anybody's going to give me those last two. But I can try, right?

Yes, I am this much of a dork.

But seriously, I do adore comments. Don't require them (I am notorious for the fave-and-run myself, I realize not everyone can think of something to say), but I do love them. :)

Holy crap I got an art Tumblr:

Also an Instagram which I forget about a lot but sometimes post sketches on:…

Godapalooza comic Tumblr can be found here:

You can find my music here:

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Commission info in the link below:



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Pikachutrainer100 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2017
I think I liked maleficent as a dragon better she's way better as a dragon
Hawock Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017
Hi there! I've been searching out fellow enthusiasts of W&B dolls, as I am actually looking to sell one, and want it to go to a good home!…
Not sure if you're in the market, but just thought I'd share :) :heart:
Lyrak Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Augh he is a cutie. I've spent more than I would like recently, though, so unfortunately not looking right now. Hope you find him a good home!
Hawock Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017
Hey no problem! He's a sweetie, so I just wanted to share ^_^
I'm open to take payment plans also, if you ever want to take a look again :D
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Happy birthday ma'am! Have your cake and eat it too The Cake Is A Lie 
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Happy birthday ma'am!
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You are beautiful and worth it, no matter what people say. <3

Have a hug too. :hug:
Don't be afraid to pass this on if you want. :)

And have a nice day/evening/night. :3

Sincerely, CelineDGD
Happy Helper of the Happy-Squad

Lyrak Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay this was actually really good timing because I've had a bit of a rough day <3
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Aww, I hope that this brightened your day. :hug: <3
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