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Hello, folks! Looking to 1) have more excuse to go to coffeehouse and have something to draw, 2) pay for my coffeehouse excursions, and 3) take some of the pressure off my bf for having to reimburse me every time I go buy ANYTHING since I don’t have any actual income.

Currently offering $25 (30 for really complex characters) simple bust/badge commissions along the lines of these:

Basic colored pencil, no blending, minimal shading, just something I can bust out in a relatively short-ish amount of time so I am not over-stressing myself.

Add $1 the laminate and punch, plus whatever shipping is if you want it sent to you as a badge.

Alternatively, if you want something cheaper, I can do just $5 for head-only/bust sketches (rough lines, no ink) or $10 for the same but as inked lineart.

I’m not looking to make a real income off of this, just have a tiny bit of something to do and a little bit of money that’s actually MINE instead of my bf paying for everything while I am still too mentally/emotionally unstable to go get a job.

USD only, via Paypal - no points (unless done via the commission widget where I can withdraw as cash).

Standard commission TOS apply:…


Bust/headshot sketches
Defeat by Lyrak
Rough pencil sketch, no inks. Example shows end result style, but commission is for a single image only.

Standard commission TOS apply:…
Un-colored bust (inked lineart)
Simple headshot/bust lineart only.

Standard commission TOS apply:…
Simple badge/bust commissions
Lyrak Badge by Lyrak
Silvertail Badge by Lyrak
Basic colored pencil, no blending, minimal shading.

The offering via the commissions widget does NOT include having the badge laminated, punched, and sent to you. If you want this you MUST handle the transaction via Paypal instead.

Standard terms of service for my commissions apply:…


Fun continues. Our kitten's neck started swelling up really badly yesterday so we ran him to the ER vet in town. Thankfully they don't think it's serious but we have antibiotics and I need to call off work tomorrow and try to get him to our regular vet to be sedated and have dental x-rays taken because we think there is a tooth infection of some kind. She said it's unusual for them to get dental issues this young but not unheard of, and x-rays will help figure out if maybe he has a root grown in wrong or if one of his permanent teeth isn't coming in right.

Poor guy's cheek is swollen to the point his tongue is sticking out a little, but he can still breathe OK and he can eat wet food, so at least there's that. We were told most of that swelling is a massively enlarged lymph node, but since it's unilateral it isn't something she would consider a sign of major illness, and it shouldn't restrict his breathing. We just need to make sure he's still able to eat and drink in the meantime.
I swear I will eventually upload the Inktober stuff. Things have been kind of weird lately again. O.o;
Argh I have a ton of photos to edit and upload but dangit the sun is shining just wrong so my color correction will be off if I do it right now.

Can't shut the blinds without upsetting the cat as he's in the sun spot.
If you want to see my Inktober drawings as they are made, they are being posted at - they won't be put here until either the end of the month, or I get enough finished to scan a big block of them at once. Depends on what I end up feeling like doing. Right now they're being posted as phone photos.
Post WIP to Tumblr, then Tumblr breaks. O.o I broke Tumblr?


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Photographer, artist, musician, writer, animal behavior and human psychology nut, nature lover, and kitty waitstaff.

If you want to make me happy, give me honest praise, chocolate, money, expensive cars, a million dollars... =P OK I doubt anybody's going to give me those last two. But I can try, right?

Yes, I am this much of a dork.

But seriously, I do adore comments. Don't require them (I am notorious for the fave-and-run myself, I realize not everyone can think of something to say), but I do love them. :)

Holy crap I got an art Tumblr:

Godapalooza comic Tumblr can be found here:

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