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December 15, 2012
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Praise by Lyrak Praise by Lyrak
This was originally going to be a card sent to a friend... but I fell in love with it... so now it gets to be an e-card for ALL my friends.

Inside reads:

Love and Praise
for the

And it's sort of meant to be Ammy partway through the transition into her full "Shiranui" form. Because I do not have the patience to draw the full "Shiranui" markings, but they are so much cooler than the plain jane you see through most of the game.

I only just finally finished Okami for the first time, so I felt the need for some fanart. (Yes, I totally started bawling at the cutscene before the final fight stage.)

Done completely in marker. I am STARTING to get the hang of this blending thing...


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This looks very nice! I like that you have the praise orbs in there. It'd be really cool to see you draw the full Shiranui form though! (but gosh, hard indeed!) This is still neat though, like the praise is making her transform or somethin'.
Lyrak Dec 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
That was kinda the idea. :) Sorta inspired by the end scene where everyone's prayers bring her back and all.

But yeah, I need to get a better view of the markings to do full Shiranui, then once I get them down I should be good. JUst hard to get a good view of all of them.

I suppose I should start using the karmic transformer that makes you look like Shiranui for a while... though my favorite is the realistic one that was the original demo version of Ammy. <3
Man, I forgot about that part...that's it, GAMING TIME! lol

And are there any good refs on Google and such? (because, yes, I'm too lazy to go look for five seconds, lol)
Lyrak Dec 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
There are OK refs, but it's probably gonna take me several images to be able to see. LOL Because something's always slightly blocked.
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